Wednesday, 14 October 2020


Stage 3 students created these beautiful native seed pod relief sculptures.  Individual students used repetition to create their plaster of paris piece.  It is a collaborative work that changes with the direction of light and shadow.  I love it and is our entry into the Public Schools Arts Festival.

Thursday, 24 September 2020

Year 1 and 2

 Year 1 and 2 looked at the Australian sculptor Robert Klippel and created their whimsical sculptures.  They just make you smile!

Year 3 and 4 Sculptures in a Box

Year 3 and 4 looked at the artwork of Australian Artist Fiona Hall and her beautiful sculptures which seem to be created from sardine cans.  Students also viewed graffiti artwork from Europe to create their plasticine sculptures within iPad boxes.  They are so gorgeous, make sure you look at all the tiny details as they reveal beautiful creations.


Year 5 and 6 Relief Sculptures

Stage 3 created these relief sculptures using found objects in the art room and native seed pods and nuts.  They made a mould using clay and we poured plaster of paris in.  After it dried the students sanded the edges to make them straight.  They look wonderful en masse.


Kindergarten Sculpture

 Kindergarten created these gorgeous little sculptures in a coffee cup lid.  They were so proud of them and I think they look gorgeous.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020


Congratulations to our wonderful students, you continue to amaze me with your artistic abilities! Their artworks have been chosen for submission into the Operation Art Exhibition to be held in September. This is the largest and most prestigious primary student art exhibition in NSW.  This exhibition is open to the public and is held at Homebush.  For more information visit 

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Community Project

We would like to invite the wider community to be a part of this art initiative.  When our isolation is over we hope to plant a field of flowers in our school and invite our wider community to share in the experience of walking through our field of flowers.  We need your help to create this.  We have created some flower samples for you to look at to gain inspiration but as times have shown we all need to innovate and adapt.  

The one rule for these flowers is that they need a stem so they can stand up in the ground by themselves.  This initiative could be a way of sharing a remote experience with grandparents, maybe you can ask your Mum and Dad if people at their work would like to create a flower or flowers.  

Our school art blog has been visited many times by countries from all over the world.  I wonder if some of those international visitors can create a similar installation in another country.  It would be wonderful if you could write a message of hope to accompany your flower and we will add these to the installation.  Imagine a field of hundreds of flowers....just imagine.  

I am posting images of participants flowers. TNPS students, do you recognise the model in the picture?  She is someone close to a teacher at the school!! 

For more inspiration visit

Our flowers represent resilience, new beginnings, beauty and hope.

After we have invited the wider community to wander through our field, the students from Turramurra North Public School will gather the flowers into bouquets and send them to our front line workers as a gesture of gratitude.
Thank you so much to the wonderful, creative thoughtful and kind students of Pymble Public.  Students have not only created these beautiful, imaginative flowers but they have so very kindly donated them to our school to be part of our Field of flowers in September, what a generous gift.  We look forward to sending you a very special invitation to our community collaborative art project.
This week we received some very creative images from some wonderfully creative ladies at the Cotswolds Village.  Thank you Barbara, Jackie, Margaret and Lize.  These are incredible and you are wonderful!

 This young artist has put hours into her beautiful work.  Look closely, she has created flowers, animals and insects out of wool, what an inspiration, thank you Miss C.
I love it when artist innovate.  This young artist has up cycled curtain rings to create these beautiful flowers and made pompoms attached to sticks, wonderful work Master F.
These stunning flowers have arrived at school.  They are by a student, a parent, a grandparent and a grandparent's friend.  Thank you so much for you kindness.
I thought I worked in an art room but it is looking more like a florist shop!!  It is so beautiful, thank you everyone for your contributions so far.
Master D has used coffee pods for his flowers, how ingenious.
Thank you Master J, this is gorgeous.
Thank you Miss O, I wish I could grown these flowers in my garden.
Thank you Master J, I love the bright cheery colours.
Thank you Master M, your repeating circular pattern looks wonderful.
Thank you Miss G, I love them.
Miss S doesn't have a stem yet for her flower but it is beautiful.

Master T, you are an artist.
 Thank you Miss C for your flowers, especially the bejewelled one. 

Master J made his wonderful flower from an advertising catalogue, sensational.

Thank you Miss A for your lotus flowers.  These are made from plastic plates, so much work and so gorgeous.

Thank you Miss R's Grandpa.  We are so grateful for your contribution.

Miss P from year 1 has created this transparent blue flower with free moving petals.  Thank you.

These beautiful flowers have been made from wrapping paper and the petals are attached by wire.  Aren't they beautiful!

Thank you Alasdair for your wonderful flower.  I love the way you have created the whole flower and especially the centre.

These flowers have been made with plaster of paris poured into the bottoms of plastic bottles.

Miss R, you are amazing.

Thank you Bella, what beautiful flowers.

Our delivery of flowers so far.
Thank you Masters B and O.  These wonderful creations are made out of paper and plastic plates with cupcake centres.  Love them!

Thank you Miss S and Master K.  These are amazing.  They feel very star like to me.  I love them.

The leaves are made with a kitchen scourer and the petals are swatches of fabric

The centre of this sunflower is a light fitting

Beautiful shells glued onto driftwood
What a wonderful model, thank you Billie

There are some bees in here!

A great use of a cardboard box

Some very beautiful flowers from Master C in Kindergarten.  

Wire flowers hot glue gunned onto sticks from the garden.

Made by cutting up paper cups.

These are made from copper shim.  The stems are garden irrigation tubes, secured with hot glue.

The centre of this flower is a milk bottle lid.  The stem is a stick found in the garden.